So many people love the pics I take of my kids. Some people think my phone is out for hours and hours just capturing every moment. And while I would love a camera crew following us around, documenting our day (really I would), I don’t spend all day capturing these amazing images. I usually try to dress my kids in an outfit that I like and take a million shots. These shots are usually not staged. My camera is just ready to take pics of literally everything they do.

One shoot will usually get me a few great images to use on my feed or blog.

Photographing Your Kids With an iPhone

I shoot on my iPhone 11. It truly does the trick. I capture amazing images and they come out so clearly. For years, I was editing my own photos using Lightroom and VSCO. I would adjust each photos lighting and color on Lightroom and use A6 on VSCO. Recently I have bought a preset and I am in love. I edit photos effortlessly with one click. So worth the money for the amount of photos I post a month.

Oh yeah, and know that I do not magically get “the shot”. Right now in my phone there are about 88,000 photos. Yes, you read that right. 88,000. In one shoot I take hundreds of shots. Then, I choose my favorites, and edit only those. I am really bad at deleting photos. I am kind of a photo hoarder.

Oh yeah. One more thing. Open every curtain in your house. Every set of blinds. Open doors if you have to. Get that natural light in your house.

Here is the shoot I did yesterday with my kiddos. James was already wearing a princess dress, so I put Sage in this super cute jumpsuit, and let them play in her room. I shot for about four minutes. Here is some of the magic I captured yesterday:

What tips and tricks do you use to capture that perfect shot of your kiddos?

Posted by:Sarah Scott

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